My Paper on the Lawsuits and Settlements against Opioid Manufacturers in America

My Introduction to Political Science course allowed me to launch into an intensive analysis of the recent state and federal lawsuits that have been filed against major pharmaceutical companies such as Purdue Pharma and Johnson & Johnson in rapport to these companies being the primary drivers of America’s opioid epidemic. My exploration of the topic opened my eyes to the manipulative ways which opioid manufacturers infiltrated clinics and official health organizations with deceptive marketing about opioids. Physicians were prompted to singularly focus on a patient’s pain and to use opioids like OxyContin to alleviate all signs of pain, but the staggering truth about the rate of addiction of these drugs was completely lied about. Today, these pharmaceutical companies are being charged billions for their deceptive practices and are finally being forced to be accountable to the American public. This paper is significant to me not only because of its extremely meaningful and eye-opening topic, but also because of the depth of research I partook in to be able to create a factual and meaningful exposure of the culprits responsible for the opioid crisis. You can find my paper below:

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