Take Me Back to Guadeloupe

I stand in between two extremely tall palm tress on a Guadeloupe beach.

In the summer of 2019, my family and I took a trip to Guadeloupe, an island in the French Caribbean. I had actually studied this island in my International Baccalaureate French class in high school because Guadeloupe is actually part of France! It was amazing to experience the amazing culture that I had read about and watched videos on. The people of Guadeloupe are from Latin American, Indian, African, and European descent. This mix of culture was evident in the island’s lively colors, music, and food. The primary languages of the island are French and Creole (which is a combination of language from the aforementioned cultural groups). Not only is the island beautiful (I was able to witness the most beautiful sunset at the Grand Anse beach), but so is the people’s vitality and expression of life. I am of mixed descent, which has always been a unique thing in the United States. Yet, in Guadeloupe, that is the normal. Mixed ancestry is celebrated as the beautiful union of different cultures; it is a normal thing to talk about and used as a way to get to know others, as evidenced by a local artisan asking my sisters and I about our mixed descent (which is African and Italian). So, I would love to return to Guadeloupe–and their oh-so-amazing plantain chips!

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